The Housekeeping Boutique - Home Help Services  We currently offer a range of services designed to help around the home, save you time and make your life less stressful. We will be adding to these services over time but these are our current focus.  


We will take on the laundry whether this is to put a wash on, take a wash out, hang out or place in the dryer. 


This appears to be at the top of many people's most hated chore list. Not a problem as we love ironing and can build this in with your laundry service too if required. 


Whether it's a general house tidy or specific rooms which always seem to be in a mess we can help. This service is also good before big events at home to make the place look just right. 

Changing Beds 

We recommend washing and changing all bedding at least once a week for optimum cleanliness. 
Simply leave your preferred bedding out and come home to a freshly made bed. 


If you are housebound or simply don't have the time we can collect your shopping and put it away for you. 
Feel free to state your choice of shop or if no preference, we will choose the closest to your home. 

Meal Preparation 

Going one step further, simply state your planned meal and we will prep it entirely. Please advise of any allergies 


Every home gathers clutter over time and it can get to a point that there's just too much. We can help with the decluttering process and will handle the rubbish clearance for you whether it's destined for the charity shop or the tip. 

House Sitting 

Going away for a few days and need your pets looking after, and maybe tie in some housework at the same time. Our house sitting service gives you ultimate flexibility with the added security of giving your house the "still at home" feel. 

Party Pick Up 

Hosting a party and want to mingle and enjoy it rather than running around after your guests. Why not let us take care of topping up drinks, replenishing the buffet and clearing up any mess. It's the only way to host a party. 
For your bespoke quotation simply email or call Amina directly on 07842 324936 
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